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Company Management

Corporate Strategy

The Vision:

Our vision is to conceive and collaborate with resourceful activities, while connecting with strategic movements to gain the recognition as a premier company.


• Ability of creating profound businesses and solutions combined with American, British, Chinese business management and industrial expertise.
• Adherence to the ethical principles of Diplomatic and public relations.
• Extensive experiences in business communication in multiculturalism.
• Resourceful technological and industrial background


We affiliated all business categories with analysis and practicality. Also, interconnected with most advance companies in mainland China that are administrate by the Government and the private sector who collaborate with recognizable facilities. Therefore, we are committed to present results with assurance with a unique business philosophy. 



The core objectives are aligned with the “One Belt and One Road” initiative of the China Central Government Economic Development activities. Along with this conceptuality, we are anticipating to invent unique businesses.  

Along with our network which represents the corporate elite and their influential corporations in the Peoples Republic of China, we are prudent in diversifying the programs in multiple regions to provide opportunities and to utilise resources comprehensively. Further, with our experiences and multiple resources mostly based in Mainland of China we maintain a greater position as a corporate establishment.


President: Mrs. Wang Qiuyan

International business development executive with a profound career expand over 20 years. Wang Qiuyan represented a number of senior executive positions in China State Owned Enterprises since 1995. Moreover, she earned a career that expanded over multiple industries that enables to gain experiences in international business developments and related exposure.

CEO – Mr. Wen Shengli

With a career expanding over 20 years, Mr. Wen Shengli represent as an international strategic business development professional. Former Fashion and Design Development corporate executive who represented Fortune 500 companies based in USA, Sri Lanka.

Professional credentials are in Master in Business and Marketing Management, Economics, Research and Strategic Mergers. He further maintains vital knowledge with the Global Economic trends, Politics and the multicultural values with an influential network.

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